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I’ve had the incredible fortune of building companies with some of the most talented and altruistic people around. Prior to taking startup leadership roles, I supported entrepreneurs in incubating new businesses and facilitating venture investments in the health, education, and energy sectors.

My favorite part is working with a diverse slice of humanity--folks whom I hope to call lifelong friends — from glass artists to superintendents, energy entrepreneurs, VC’s, and the rest of the village it takes to build an impactful business.


I enjoy bringing ideas to life—from creating new services to building furniture and digital artifacts. I love learning, designing, prototyping, and challenging myself physically. I’m fascinated by humans— our body, our minds, our endless capacity to adapt and to survive against all odds.

I’m plant-based (a.k.a vegan) in order to maximize my intake of high quality whole foods while minimizing my exposure to hormones, antibiotics, and pathogens. Humans require a variety of nutrients in order to thrive, and I prefer to go straight to the unadulterated source: plants. This way of eating is not only symbiotic with other animals, but also the environment, targeting the primary contributor of climate change (methane) as well as reducing my impact on finite resources, like deep water aquifers, top soil, and marine life.

I’m also a big fan of hugs, positivity, meditation, and giving back.


Supporting a loved one during 'end of life care' catalyzed a discovery process into chronic disease, plant-based nutrition, and lifestyle medicine. I learned the system is rigged against us-- from cheap food and comfortable lifestyles to convenient pills and impenetrable diagnoses. So I wrote a book (to be released in 2017) that aims to demystify "health" and offers an evidence-based way of living so each human can maximize his/her potential and fulfillment. More than extending lifespan, we can increase the healthspan and the impact of each life.

I am now focused on starting, advising, and investing in plant-based companies. I also enjoy speaking on the above topics to anyone that will listen.

We still have a lot to accomplish in realizing a vision of health, happiness, and fulfillment for every human. . . To learn more about my current projects, to collaborate, or just to connect, please reach out.

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